Nov 3, 2015

Upward & Onward

Upward & Onward

Well, now that the news is out and things are getting settled in our new world without Matt, let's talk about our future! You may have noticed our new menu design. Don't worry, we aren't just teasing you. The talented Andrea Machuca (Culinary Underground) is joining forces with our own Ivan Perez to do a refresh on our menu.

Our new Supreme Leader, Carri Klabo, is adapting quickly to her new role & we are excited to see her ideas implemented. We'll be changing some things up and are confident that these things will increase the quality of service. For example, we will now have a cocktail (stand-up bar) and patio server most nights. There's lots of little details and other strategies that would bore you, but we think you'll feel and see some positive changes.

Now on to everyone's favorite subject, TBC BEER! Just in time for the change in weather, we are very pleased to announce the tapping of Rum to the Hills. This spiced English style barleywine, is the newest addition from our barrel program. It was aged in dark rum barrels for fourteen months and clocks in at 12.7% abv. It is our version of a holiday season ale with a flavor complexity of raisins, toffee, pumpkin spice and a hint of heat from the rum.

Next week, more news on the Barrel Program, some Fall News updates & whatever else interesting that happens bewtween now and then...

TBC Loves You!

Oct 26, 2015

Changing of the Guard

Well, if the rumor mill has been working at its usual rate, this announcement may come to no surprise. Our fearless leader (and GM) Matthew Luckey is moving on for new opportunities at...The Black Marlin! We are very happy for Matt and are very thankful for all the years, 18.5 to be exact. That's a lot of years, a lot of hard work and a lot of TBC love. We'll miss him, but I have hope and a feeling we'll see him often enough. Viva Tustin!

The timing was wonderfulactually, possibly our best employee and much loved Carri Klabo had just recently decided that she wanted to be more involved with the running of TBC. Her ideas and energy came at just the perfect time so when we got the news, it all fell into place. Carri will be very missed behind the bar but her work ethic and attentiveness to service will be felt even more as the General Manager.

Be sure to come by Thursday, October 29th for Luckey's last shift and stay for his goodbye party. He'll be behind the bar until 4 pm and then it's party time! Strategically planned for All Night Happy Hour...

Nov 14, 2014

Things To Be Thankful For...

Things To Be Thankful For...

September brought us the return of Sunday Football breakfast and the exciting news that Tustin Brewery was named Best BrewPub in the annual OC Register’s Best of OC. Thank you to all of you who took the time to vote. Not too shabby considering all the awesome breweries in OC coupled with the fact we don’t even distribute. Woo-hoo, go team! 
Things got even better in October. We headed to the beautiful city of Denver for the one and only Great American Beer Festival which took our accolades to a whole new level. We took home a medal in the competition which takes you to celebrity status in the brewery world. This was our third medal in 5 years with a Bronze in the Belgian style sour or lambic ale category for Jon Flanders Sour aka the 18th Anniversary Sour. If you missed it, don’t fret, But I’ll get to that in a moment... 
Speaking of cellars, next up on the list are two new beers that would not have been possible if we had not procured an off site cold storage.  Now Jerrod can brew more often and stow away kegs like a squirrel hoarding acorns for winter. Subsequently, your voracious appetite for things like Old Town will be less likely to run us dry and the extra space allows Jerrod to experiment more. That my friends, is very good news. First up and on tap now is the Galaxy Hopper Pale Ale (ABV 6.0 IBUs 50). This could definitely be mistaken for an IPA with its big bold hop profile and we are totally happy about this. Next up, in case we have a winter, is an Imperial Porter. The fun doesn’t stop there (I told you it was a very good thing). Just in the tanks is a collaboration with Bob Kluver of Main Street Brewery in Corona. He and Jerrod combined forces on a Scottish Ale which will be out in a few weeks. 
Now lets talk about the future which at TBC is always looking bright. First off, we will be celebrating one of our favorite breweries who, turns out, (crafts) makes phenomenal small batch (craft) distilled spirits. Join us for A Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits night on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving 11/26/2014. We will be showcasing their new
Herbal Liquer, OPAH alongside some of there famous ales. deals on shots with half pints will be available all night. So, join us for a night of revelry because we know the majority of you don’t work the next day. OPAH!
The Annual Toy Drive will be extended this year. Starting Monday, December 15th every day you donate a gift valued at $15 or more, you’ll receive $2 off your first house pint or mug. We appreciate all of you that have dropped off gifts in the past because you couldn’t make the party and would like to acknowledge you. The week of giving culminates on Sunday, December 21st for the Toy Drive Party. Your gift will get you unlimited $3.50 Old Town IPA’s and $2.50 pints or mugs of allotter house beer (no snifters or tulips) from 1-5 and there will be bargain priced foods specials. Thanks for giving.
Contrary to popular belief or idioms, there is indeed something more fun than a barrel of monkeys, a barrel of aged beer. Our most wonderful times of the year are February for Russian River Week and August for the Anniversary Party. This year, we are adding December to that list. It’s better than Christmas. It’s Barrel Aged Beer Month and half the reason we got the cold storage was to house our jaw dropping collection of Sours, Barleywines, and Imperial Stouts from some of the best breweries around. To kick off the party that will be December, we will be pouring our very own 2014 GABF Medal Winner, Jon Flanders Sour as well as 2013 goose Island Bourbon Barrel Aged Barleywine and Firestone Walker Parabola on 12/1/2014. Oh and there’s more! We will continue to have three barrel aged beers on throughout the month. In no particular order, these will include, but may not be limited to, 2013 Lost Abbey Cuvee De Tomme, 2013 Deschutes Abyss, Figueroa Mountain Grendal, 2014 Stone Arrogant Bastard aged in Bourbon Barrels,  and 2013 Firestone Walker Sucaba. Happy holidays from us, to you.
Our own barrel aged program is in full swing with two projects. First is the dark rum barrels, these can be a little tricky, but hopefully they will bear delicious fruit, or well, beer. Jerrod filled them with an English styler barleywine spiced in the kettle with cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, coriander, & caraway. If all goes well, you can look forward to these in the fall/winter of 2015. Also, the aforementioned Imperial Porter about to come out will be in limited quantity because earlier this week, the bulk of it went into Buffalo Trace Whiskey Barrels we were lucky enough to procure. Oh yes, we are happy campers. Also highly anticipated for next year is the GABF Medal Winner Jon Flanders Sour fruited with Blackberries and Boysenberries. Excited much? You should be.
Oh my, I almost forgot, the much awaited Bottle Beer list will be out very, very shortly. There always are some annual specialty beers we have a limited quantity of so keep your eyes and ears open. The late bird, I hear, always regrets not getting the worm.
Well friends and fans, I think that gets us through Christmas. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season. I think we’ve done everything we could on our end. I mean, I know it’s a busy time of year, so we came up with as many excuses as possible for you. Much love from all of us to all you...