Apr 9, 2014

Just a few quick notes...

Hop heads, we have a treat coming for you, Jackson's Double IPA is in the fermentors! Jerrod gratuitously hopped this batch of loveliness so we are pretty excited to taste it. Look for it around the end of April...

Just released the first firkin in our Cask Collaboration Series which was concocted with our new friends on the brew street, Bottle Logic Brewing. It's the Old Town IPA with cilantro and Amarillo hops. Every month will be featuring a new canvas of beer with a different brewer collaborating with us. You know, just for funsies. 

In sports news, we have Time Warner Cable for all you Dodgers fan. Also, join us for The Masters coverage. Nice way to spend a lunch.

Jan 8, 2014

This is your beer (in the near) future at TBC. It's looking bright...

This time of year is exciting for numerous reasons but none can beat out Russian River Week at TBC. This annual fete is held to honor the release of the coveted Pliny the Younger. This will most likely be happening in the early weeks of February. We will be showering you with all the Russian River we can get our hands on and have hoarded throughout the year.

Another great year of beer at TBC has passed and we are still reaping the rewards of Jerrod's hard work. The More Cowbell! Milk Stout was a delicious success. Enjoy it while it lasts because it's time at TBC is running out but don't worry, I have a strong feeling Jerrod will be revisiting this gem of a recipe.

On the flip side, we will be temporarily out of Blimp Hangar Porter in the very near future. It will be brewed this week or next & we will be ordering the also very tasty Deschutes Black Butte Porter to soften the blow. These things happen and allow us to bring you Jerrod's specialties, like the aforementioned More Cowbell! Milk Stout. And for that, you're welcome. Especially loved the casks and the Kean coffee version. Can't wait for more coffee beers.

You won't have to wait long for more adventures in beer as next week Jerrod will be brewing an IPA with a experimental hop, Azacca. Don't worry, this will not affect our Old Town brewing schedule. I should mention that we have been consistently increasing our production of Old Town, but my goodness people, your thirst for it is apparently insatiable & exponential. And for that we thank you; it's a good problem to have.

Moving on, very soon we will be tapping Firestone Walker Double DBA & when we do, the first 48 people who order it will be getting a recently updated Firestone Walker pint glass to have and to hold til death parts you with it. Or you break it. Expect this little bit of fun and freebies this week.

That's your beer future in a nutshell, or 5 nutshells.

Dec 13, 2013

12 Days of X-mas Deals

Just (barely) in time for the holidays, we are pleased to announce that TBC will be celebrating the season with twelve days of gifts, giving and deals for our adoring fans; you and yours. Some of these days are exclusive to Mug Club members because, well because they're more special. Kidding. Kind of. Anyway, we understand it's not the traditional 12 Days of Christmas, but hey, it's what we've got. Two of these events deserve specials attention and some explanation:

Debut of the Ballast Point Distillery Cocktail Menu
Ballast Point, as you very well know (or at least should...), is a California Craft Brewery but some of you may not know they also make kick ass spirits. We joined together to create a new TBC drink list. If you have a favorite liquor you should absolutely taste theirs. Support the craft & drink (semi) local spirits, you'll be glad you did. We kick off the 12 days of Christmas with a discount on any of our new signature Ballast Point cocktails. Mug Club members will receive $2 off and $1 off for everyone else (when will you get on board people, may I suggest the 16th...). 

TBC's Annual Toy Drive & Customer Appreciation Party 2-5 pm
Saturday 12/21, pre-party at TBC for whatever holiday obligation you have that evening. We will be collecting unwrapped toys (valued at $10 or more) and you will enjoy $2 mugs, $3 pints and special food items at special prices. Come let us enjoy you... 

Twelve Days of Christmas 
12/13 Ballast Point Cocktail Menu Debut - $1 off $2 off for mug members.

12/14 Mug Club Members- Beer Cocktail in mug. We stumbled across this dreamy concoction while training for the new drink menu. The More Russian Cowbell Beer Cocktail has Ballast Point Fugu Vodka, Kahlua, and TBC's More Cowbell Milk Stout served over ice.It's freaking delicious. 

12/15 Mug Club Members will receive a free dessert w/ purchase of two entrees 

12/16 Mug Club Membership Monday - Take home your choice of a TBC pint glass or growler (sans beer...) to take home w/ purchase of Mug Club Membership

12/17 Mug Club Members- Buy one appetizer get one half off 

12/18 17th Anniversary Shirt & Glass for only for $20 (supplies may be limited)

12/19 Gift Certificate deal - Receive bonus $5 gift certificates for every $50 purchase of gift 
certificates. Bonus gift certificates to be used from 1/1/14-1/31/14

12/20 Brand new TBC hats are $2 off -This seasons must have...

12/21 Toy Drive- $2.00 Mugs & $3.00 pints & discounted food specials w/ unwrapped toy

12/22 Industry night - $1 off pints $2 off premium drinks and premium wine

12/23 $2 off growler fills - Beat the crowds and save some bucks...

12/24 $1 off mugs of house beer for mug club members

Also, we will be offering discounted laminated growler cards through Christmas. Obviously, these make a great gift. You can choose between the following:

6 IPA, Seasonal & Specialty Growler Card-
Entitles bearer to 6 discounted IPA & Seasonal Growler fills as well as growler rights to some beers otherwise not available by growler. A great gift for the more discerning and at $85 saves you $20+.

12 Growler Card-
Entitles bearer to 12 discounted growler fills of our classics- Golden Spike Light Ale, Lemon Heights Hefeweizen, American Pale Ale, Red Hill Red, Blimp Hangar Porter. This lovely gift is $150 and saves you $30+. 

Thanks again for your patronage and support of TBC and the craft. To reap your daily reward, just whisper "TBC Loves Me" in your server or bartenders ear. Ok, maybe you should just say it. 
Thanks again. Happy Holidays. Blessed.